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Mind Over Stress 

Saturday, March 26, 2022 at noon

This free webinar covered meditation followed by yoga presented by two industry experts.  

Meditation Summary

Connect to the Truth within you... AND take care of your most precious asset, your mind.  


Meditation has many amazing benefits, including reduced feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Stress takes many forms, especially when a day feels particularly challenging. Though we can’t change the circumstances, we can learn to recognize what we hold in our minds is not permanent. We learn to let go and reframe stressful situations for positive outcomes.

Learn how to find the roots of stress and eliminate them for good. Re-center yourself when you feel overwhelmed. You will feel lighter and rested as worries disappear from the mind.


Acquire a powerful meditation method to manage your thoughts and emotions, enhance self-awareness, improve overall health, lengthen your attention span, and feel amazingly positive about life. 

Yoga Summary

Learn how meditation helps with stress through yoga.  Outcomes include:

  • What is Yoga:  This workshop describes the foundation of yoga and what it's about.

  • Benefits of Yoga for Stress: It provides the benefits of yoga and how it can relive stress emotionally, mentally and physically. 

  • Many Brands of Yoga: It describes the many brands of yoga and which is best for the mind and stress.

  • See a live yoga demonstration!

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Bonnie Nortz

Bonnie has been practicing meditation for over 10 years and guides for the Dallas and Plano Meditation Centers in Texas. She started meditating to help process the grief and stress of the sudden death of family members. For her, meditation is a life-changing event. Immediately after starting, she felt calmer. She was able to process her emotions and better help others to cope with their emotions. Her relationships with family and friends improved. She began to enjoy everyday moments. Bonnie is grateful to live every day with joy and peace. She noticed that her problem-solving abilities and creativity noticeably improved. The ability to see things clearly has given her a much greater appreciation for life. Her hope for people is to see that there is a world out there. “Meditation lets you open your inner eyes to see and experience possibilities you've never known before. If everyone could meditate, even just for a little while, you'd see that from within you lies all the answers to the questions you have about yourself and your purpose on earth.”

Rae Clay

Rae teaches ParaYoga, the highest culmination of all effort.  Yoga meets you where you are and is more than poses and meditation.  Rae's extensive background contributes to her simplistic approach to health and fitness fit for a varying audience of ages and fitness levels.  As a Holistic Health Coach, she helps people achieve more energy, a long-term nutritious lifestyle and better overall health.  Rae Clay graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Arts/Public Relations. Rae became a 200 hour level certified yoga instructor in 2012 in ParaYoga. Also, she recently became certified as a Holistic Health Coach from AFPA Fitness. 

Presentation details are subject to change.

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Copyright: Rae Clay
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